Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blackbird Harmony - "Hardwood Exits Demos"

Most of you are aware that my band, Blackbird Harmony, released a new album on Yer Bird Records last month. You can go here to order it or listen to the entire thing in streaming audio. Shortly after signing on with Yer Bird and before heading into the studio I came home after a long night at Love & War in Texas and, with just an acoustic guitar, recorded demos for all of the songs that would be on the record. Available here exclusively and for the first time ever are those demos. Enjoy.


Gorilla said...

Thanks Evan for the demos. I remember when you told me you recoreded these...thanks for sharing them all.


Anonymous said...

I know you probably get this all the time (and I don't like sounding 'fanish') but you have such a beautiful voice. Holy shit!

evan said...

Faith - Thanks!! I actually don't get it all the time, in fact almost never. Making music has been the single most frustrating experience of my life.


Anonymous said...

I wish I was musical...I have no way of sympathizing with you, but you sound wonderful (and I'm sure others at least think the same way as me...even if they don't say it to you.)

Kelly said...


I really dig your stuff and these tracks are great! I live in the DFW area, I am working on a music-blog project and want to touch base with you. I have checked your myspace and cant seem to find an email or contact info. I know this is unusual, but please feel free to hit me up on my blog (link provided)...

Kelly Dearmore
the Gobblers Knob.Com

Kate said...

I've just finished listening to your demos and they're beautiful. Made this goddamn freezing morning in London much more palatable, thank you.

Aaron Barker said...

Was great meeting you Saturday at Good Records. I really like your band and music. Cool stuff. I was reading an interview you did and thought it was cool that Larry Brown was an inspiration for you. I too am a big Larry Brown fan. Love his country-noir imagery and your's too. Keep it up.
-Aaron Barker

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